9.4 : High Performance Buildings

9.4.6 Case Study, The Solaire, New York, New York
Building Design
Floor Area: 357,000 SF Units: 293 Maximum Occupancy: 700
Floors: 27 Site Size: 0.38 Acres Typical Occupancy(1): 578
Black-Water Treatment Facility (2)
Material: Double Glazed, Low-e, Thermal Breaks with Insulated Spacers
Operable Windows Fixed Windows
Visual Transminttance 0.68 0.68
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.35 0.35
U-Factor 0.47 0.41
Material R-Value
Exterior Walls: Insulated brick and concrete block 8.4
Roof: Roof top garden(green roof) 22.7
Two direct-fired natural gas absorption chillers
4-Pipe fan-coil units in individual aparments
PV System(4): 1,300 SF (76 custom panels) of west facing PV rated for 11 kW . These panels are integrated into the building facade.
151 SF PV located in the entrance canopy. Rated for 662 W.
286 standard PV modules mounted on the south and west walls. Rated for 21 kW.
Unit Average Electricity Consumption(5): 15,681 kBtu/year
Building Natural Gas Consumption(6): 104.1 kBtu/SF*year
Predicted End-Use Consumption(kBtu/SF*year)
Heating 60.8 Plug Loads and Equipment 6.7
Cooling 20.7 Domestic Hot Water 7.9
Lighting 7.4 Cooking, Vertical Transportation, and Other 6.8
Fans/Pumps 11.4 Total 121.7
Note(s): 1) 84 hours per person weekly, 89 visitors weekly, 8 hours per visitor weekly. 2)30,000 gallon storage tank. Water is used for toilets and cooling tower. 3) Appliances in units are ENERGY STAR qualified. (4) PV system designed to handle 5% of building peak non-residential electrical load (i.e. corridor lighting). 5) Includes only electric that was submetered to each apartment. 6) 2007 building consumption.


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ASHRAE, High Peformance Buildings, NYC's Living Lesson, p. 56-65, Summer 2008